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GW2 Halloween Mini-Pets

Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012 Mini-Pets

With the new Halloween event of course that means some cute new mini-pets in Guild Wars 2. And of course they’re a bit spooky! The new additions are the Mini Spooky Ghost, Mini Spooky Spider and the Mini Spooky Skeleton.

If you mix all of these three miniatures and 250 pieces of candy corn in the mystic forge you’ll get a brand new mini-pet called the Chainsaw the Skeleton, just the name sets up for awesome. And of course it also look awesome!

How to get the Halloween Mini-Pets?

So how to obtain these mini-pets? Well I’m sorry to say that it’s to late, it was possible under Halloween 2012 to buy Miniature Spooky Trio Packs in the Guild Wars 2 Gem Store, but as soon as the Halloween event in Guild Wars 2 was ended the Spooky packs of mini-pets was taken away from the Gem Store. And all these pets are Bound to Account meaning there’s no way to trade these pets on the trading post or any other way with other players.

But don’t worry, you can always wait to next years Halloween!

Guild Wars 2 Halloween Miniatures


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